In this feel-good episode, I chat with Choice Forward co-founder and social media sensation, Garden Marcus, about all things plants and positivity — to dish on all things plants and positivity — from tips for growing happy houseplants to ways we can cultivate more kindness, patience, and positivity in our lives and communities during this challenging time.

WILD GUEST: Garden Marcus

TikTok: @GardenMarcus

Instagram: @Garden_Marcus

Twitter: @GardenMarcus



Youtube: @ChoiceForward

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Guides + Tips:

7 Houseplants for Beginners (blog)

Growing Plants Indoors – A Beginner’s Guide (blog)

10 Plants for Your Office/Desk (blog)

How To Make a Plant Love You – Cultivate a Green Space in Your Home & Heart (book)


Shopping Inspo:

Black-Owned Plant Businesses

Bradford Botanical + Co. 

#PlantOneForward Initiative (campaign)

  • The idea is simple: help your favorite local or online plant shop by purchasing one plant and sending it to someone you think could really use some cheering up…maybe it’s a loved one, a friend, or someone you have fallen out of contact with—whomever you think could use it most. ⁣


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