In this episode, I sit down with psychologist Dr. Ricky Pope to discuss the events that have transpired since the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers and where it is that we, as a nation, go from here. We cover a lot in this episode, from Dr. Pope’s experience growing up as a Black man in America to history lessons and some actionable advice on how we can foster deeper, more open, and productive conversations about race in our country.
WILD GUEST: Dr. Ricky Pope
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Instagram: @rp2point0
Dr. Pope’s Anti-Racist Reading and Resources List (PDF)
Resources mentioned in the episode: 
Author, Ta Nehisi Coates –  Official Website
Activist & Speaker, Peggy McIntosh –
Research: Unpacking The Invisible Napsack 
TEDx Talk: “How Studying Privilege Systems Can Strengthen Compassion”
Radio Host & Activist, Joe Madison – Official Website
Host, Comedian & Political Commentator, Trevor Noah – Official Website/Podcast
For more resources and information about racism and mental health during this difficult time see the tabs below the show notes. 


COVID-19 Resources >>

Dr. Pope has compiled the following list of COVID-19-related resources for those wanting more information and/or in need of support during this difficult time:


COVID-19 Self Care:

A section that discusses strategies students may use for self-care during this potentially stressful time. 


Self-Help Strategies and Skills:

A section that discusses some self-help strategies in more general terms, but can be useful for this time as well.


Popular Mental Health Apps


APA COVID-19 Information and Resources, which is continually updated by APA for psychologists, health-care workers, and the public:


General COVID-19 Resources


COVID-19 Local Mental Health Resources


The Role of Resilience in the Face of COVID-19


Advice and guidance on caring for, educating and supporting loved ones during COVID-19


Coloring Book for children (on the Coronavirus)


Free Wellness Webinar




Resources in addition to a statement put out by the Asian American Psychological Association. The AAPA statement also lists some additional resources and tips as well: 

Asian American Advancing Justice: COVID-19 Resources 


Stand Against Hatred 

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